The HEC Foundation is supported by the "Friends of HEC Charitable Trust", a UK-registered charity which collects funds on our behalf and ensures that you are entitled to the tax deductions available under British law, as well as the "Gift Aid" initiative.
  1. "Gift Aid" entitles the HEC Foundation to a 25% bonus on top of the value of your donation, at no extra cost to you.
  2. If you pay income tax above the 20% basic rate, you can claim back on the total amount of the donation (gift aid included) the difference between the rate you've paid and the basic rate (see example below).
For a donation of £100:
1. The Foundation receives £125, at no extra cost to the donor.
2. A donor who pays tax at 45% can thus request a tax deduction of £31 (£125 x 25%), meaning that the total cost of the donation is equivalent to £69.

For more information, please contact Jean-François Baumann :

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  • If I make a donation for the new auditorium, my name will be displayed in the heart of the campus.

  • I name a seat in the new amphi

  • I name a seat in the 3 first rows of the new amphi


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The HEC Foundation collects your data for the following purposes and for the duration necessary for their realization: realization of the donation and the corresponding tax reduction and management of the donor relationship.
To learn more about the management of your data and your rights, see our
privacy policy.You can exercise these rights at any time by contacting us by e-mail atrgpd-fondation@hec.fror by mail at the HEC Foundation, 1 rue de la Libération, 78351 Jouy-en-Josas.

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